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Clara SoftTech is a leading IT consulting and Software Development company producing next-generation digital services to Education and Business enterprises for the last couple of years. We serve clients in more than 20different industries in India and Middleeast geography. Digital transformation powered by the cloud is our core strength and we empower businesses with agile applications and innovative ecosystems. We are deeply committed to being a well-governed, environmentally sustainable organization where diverse talent thrives in an inclusive workplace.

Clara SoftTech Overview

Mission Icon Our Mission

Fostering cost-effective digital transformation with cutting-edge, user-friendly technology solutions.

Mission Icon Company Vision

Empowering the world towards a brighter 21st century through innovative, sustainable, and user-centric technology solutions. Our vision is to pioneer the digital revolution, driving progress and enriching lives with transformative technologies

Transforming businesses

through technology.

At Clara, we go beyond helping businesses transform through technology. We help them make a meaningful difference; to their customers, and to the communities they serve.

Clara SoftTech Transfornig Buisness
Clara SoftTech Philosophy

How do we make the difference

End to end customisation

End to end customisation

Promote your own brand

Promote your own brand

Dedicated Service engineers

Dedicated Service engineers

ZERO downtime

ZERO downtime

ZERO downtime

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Krishnendu Dutta, Clara SoftTech Founder & CEO
Namaste !
I am Krishnendu, Founder & CEO, Clara SoftTech.

I'm eager to engage in exchange of experiences and uncover new opportunities with you, particularly in gaining insight into the day-to-day hurdles of manual operations management. Feel free to get in touch with me to initiate discussions regarding your current work environment, innovative ideas, and specific requirements. We would be honoured to introduce software-driven solutions to enhance your ecosystem. Allow us to manage your Institutional ERP or Enterprise CRM in the cloud, streamlining your operations.

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